Common Home Hazards:

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Threats: Every home should have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for gas appliances. Have you tested your smoke detectors in the last month and replaced the batteries in the past year?

Poisons and Hazardous Materials: Store all cleaning products, paints, and other poisonous substances in a locked cabinet in a safe location.

Electrical Safety: Make sure all electrical cords in the house are properly
insulated with no broken or frayed wiring. Be sure not to overload electrical sockets. Are all electrical appliances grounded? For homes with young children, are all unused outlets covered with safety plugs?

Heating Equipment: Are all electrical space heaters at least 3 feet from beds, curtains or anything flammable? Do all working fireplaces have a screen or a valve cover for gas fireplaces?

Fall Prevention: Are all rugs secured to the floor or fitted with anti-slip pads underneath? Are all stairways cleared of clutter?

Children Safety:

Choking Hazards: Many small items, such as buttons, snaps, small toys, etc… that are left around the home can become choking hazards to young children. Always check toys and keep your child’s play area safe.

Kitchen Safety: Are knives, forks, scissors and other sharp tools in a drawer with a childproof lock? Are all pot handles on the stove turned in or placed on the back burners where children can’t reach them? Are all cabinets installed with child proof locks? Are cleaning products, matches and lighters kept out of children’s reach?

Bathroom Safety: Is the thermostat on the water heater set below 120 degrees Fahrenheit? Are all toilets left closed? Are prescription and nonprescription medications, cosmetics and cleaners stored in a locked cabinet? Are hairdryers, curling irons and electrical razors unplugged when not in use?

Pool Safety: Does your family have a self-locking, self latching pool fence around your pool? Are all outdoor toys put away in a secure place when not in use and not left in the pool? Does your family know CPR?