Related Laws

House Bill: HB2780

AZ Revised Statutes, Title 11—Counties

Chapter 2 — Board of Supervisors / Article 4 — Powers and Duties

11-251.12: County islands; fire and emergency services protection; intergovernmental agreement with municipalities; definition


AZ Revised Statutes, Title 48 — Special Taxing Districts

Chapter 1 — General Provisions / Article 10 — District Creation and Boundary Changes

48-261: District creation; procedures; notice; hearing; determinations; petitions

Chapter 5 — Fire Districts / Article 1 — General Provisions

48-803: District administered by a district board
48-805: Fire district; powers and duties
48-806: Bond election; issuance and sale of bonds
48-807: County fire district assistance tax; annual budget
48-815: Dissolution of fire district; disposition of claims and fund balance
48-820: Election to merge fire districts; notice; hearing; approval; joint meeting; merged district board
48-822: Election to consolidate fire districts; resolution; impact statement; hearing

Chapter 5 – Fire Districts / Article 3 — Noncontiguous County Island Fire Districts

48-851: Noncontiguous county island fire district; formation; definition
48-852: District board governance; elections
48-853: District board; powers and duties; intergovernmental agreements; contract; administration; definition
48-854: Municipality as service provider; indemnity; intergovernmental agreement